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︎  I’m Emma. I’m 22. My favorite color is lime green.
I love big earrings, mangos, and dancing. ︎


My work explores how art can be a medium for capturing
and recreating the feeling of a moment.
I make work that is vibrant and playful, hoping to leave
the viewer with a sense of familiarity, intrigue, and nostalgia.
The result is a reflection of my inner self and thoughts.
Spanning from papermaking, illustration, zines, and
collage—with a heavy influence of the digital—the objects
I create are interactive, highly textured, and draw from reused
and recycled  materials.
The creative process is something everyone should enjoy,
with my work, I hope to embody that essence and
invite people into my world.

How can we savor a moment to make it last forever?

Born and based in Chicago, IL

Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Media

 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Graduating class of 2020


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